Garden and Landscaping

Our range of garden and landscaping equipment

Lawn Care


Turf Cutter

Cuts earth straight and true with minimal effort. The best and most effective way to remove large areas of turf.

18" Mower

Your standard garden petrol mower. Cuts grass cleanly with height adjustment and easy collection in its grass bag.

21" Roughcut Mower

Power through long grass and thicker areas with a 21 inch roughcut mower. Perfect for managment of overgrown areas.

Hayter Condor

With hydrostatic drive the Hayter Condor is perfectly manoeuvrable and makes light work of cutting overgrown grassland and brush.

Hand Lawn Aerator

A manual solution to aerating your lawn.

14" Lawn Rake

Perfect for autumn and general cleanup, this is your standard lawn rake.

Electric Lawn Scarifier

Quiet and light, the electric version of the lawn scarifier is perfect for smaller areas of lawn.

18" Petrol Lawn Scarifier

Perfect for mulching larger areas of lawn with its heavy duty blades.

Petrol Lawn Spiker

Save yourself time and effort using the petrol powered lawn spiker. This machine carries the weight behind it to do a thorough job.

Petrol Hollow Tyne Corer

Keep your lawn healthy with the spaced pattern of the powered Hollow Tyne Corer. Great for large areas of garden.

Seed / Fertiliser Spreader

Easily throw seed or fertiliser with the refillable hop unit.

Spiked Roller

A weighted manual roller. Great for smaller areas where a powered machine isn't needed.

Water Filled Roller

Standard garden water filled roller for flattening soil work and providing a a smooth lawn.

Turfing Iron

A manual solution to cutting turf. Designed for lifting and paring of turf, cutting through the roots and soil.

Mini Tractor & Accessories

A versatile small tractor paired with a topper or rotovator. Perfect for cutting large areas of thick field overgrowth that are awkward for larger or smaller machines. Also available with a rotovator attacment for tilling large areas of soil.

Chain Harrow

A functional device that can be used for a number reasons, including soil leveling and aeration. Works exceptionally well paired with our mini tractor.


Petrol Strimmer

Clear grass and vegitation easily. Replaceable wire means this machine can go on and on.

Petrol Brush Cutter

Got to deal with thicker brush? This durable metal blade can slice through areas the wire strimmer struggles with.


Honda Merry Tiller

Best for small areas, soft or previously cultivated land. Smaller and much lighter than it's hydraulic brothers.

9HP Hydraulic Rotovator

A much more powerful and weighty machine. It's hydraulic power can break up much tougher ground.

13HP Hydraulic Rotovator

A slightly more powerful and heavier machine, the 13hp works at a similar level as the 9hp but a bit wider.

Hedging & Fencing

Electric Hedge Cutter

Quiet and powerful, this electric hedge cutter can shape and clean up messy hedges with ease.

Petrol Hedge Cutter

Powerful and reliable, the Stihl petrol hedge cutter is the perfect all round trimmer that can cope with a wide range of conditions.

Long Reach Hedge Cutter

The Stihl long reach hedge cutter provides an extension base for cutting high hedges. It’s compact 2 stroke engine makes for a powerful machine that can be used anywhere.

Leaf Blower / Vacuum

Featuring a compact but powerful 2 stroke engine, the Stihl petrol leaf blower is the perfect tool for clearing dust, leaves and light debris from large areas.


Standard garden loppers for pruning branches and shrubbery. It’s strong metal construction makes these loppers durable for all types of work.

Tree Pruner Petrol

Featuring a Stihl 2 stroke engine and long attachment pole, this long reach tree pruner is perfect for effortless removal of high branches.

Tree Pruner

This manual tree pruner can trim tall trees and dense bushes without the noise of a petrol tool.

Post Hole Borer Manual

This manual borer is perfect for small jobs. Working just like a large corkscrew, twisting with effort drills this borer into the ground, depositing dirt upwards.

Post Hole Rammer Manual

This post rammer, constructed of carbon steel, is perfect for ramming home small stakes and fence posts.

Petrol Post Hole Borer, 2 Man

The Stihl two man petrol post hole borer features a powerful 2 stroke engine connecting to an easy change auger fitting.

Petrol 'Compac' Hydraulic Borer, 1 Man

Featuring a powerful honda petrol engine, the ‘compac’ hydraulic post borer makes drilling holes an achievable job for one person.

Digger Auger

Convenience and power, this auger can make drilling earth effortless.

240V Garden Shredder

Perfect for shredding small branches and shrubbery, this standard garden 240V shredder is great for clearing light garden clippings and bushes.

37HP Forst 6" Petrol Chipper

A professional machine for a professional job. The Forst chipper is capable of tackling branches up to 6 Inches in diameter.

8T Thrust Log Splitter

This log splitting machine provides power and transportability to any project. Its 8 Ton thrust force makes light work of practically any type of wood.

Petrol Stump Grinder

The Dosko stump grinder features a 13hp engine and an 8 teeth grinding wheel, capable of munching through the hardest stumps.