Plumbing & Lifting

Our range of plumbing and lifting equipment…



Blow Torch

Connect this plumbers blow torch to gas and produce instant heat exactly where you need it.

Soldering Iron

Use for a variety of applications including electrical work.

Pipe Bender 15/22mm

Easily bend pipes, 15 - 22mm, using the power of leverage.

Pipe Bender 15/28mm

With its stand base, make bending larger pipes an easier process.

Pipe Threader Ratchet

Create secure and lasting connections by threading pipes with the manual ratchet threader.

Pipe Dies 1/2" - 2"

1/2" - 2" fit the pipe threader ratchet.

Tap Re - Seating Tool

Re-cut worn tap seats with the tap re-seating tool.

Immersion Heater Spanner

A large immersion heater spanner and tommy bar for maintenance tasks.

Pipe Vice

A sturdy platform for DIY or site plumbing tasks.

Tap Spanner

Perfect for difficult to reach areas behind sinks or baths.

Hepsleeve Pipe Cutter

Designed for cutting clay pipes, this device eliminates the need for hand gripping.

Drain Bungs

Often used with a drain test kit, seal a drain easily with this bung.

Drain Test Kit

Suitable for pressure testing 110mm drains and sewers.

Drain Spiral

Clear blockages in drains with the flexible drain spiral.

Drain Rods

A larger set of drain clearing rods. Includes a double worm screw, plunger and scraper.

Stilson Wrench

A heavy duty wrench that provides grip on pipes.


Tifor Winch

A strong winch that uses steel cables to pull heavy loads.

Chain Block 1/2T

Ideal for workshop and industrial use, this chain and block can lift 1/2T.

Chain Block 1T

Ideal for workshop and industrial use, this chain and block can lift 1T.

Engine Hoist 250KG

Ideal for lifting engines and other workshop machinery.

Beta Hoist

A portable solution to hoisting material to heights, the Beta Hoist is a convenient replacement for ropes and pulleys.

Trolley Jack

Lift vehicles with this standard trolley jack.

Jenny Wheel

Lift material up and down from scaffolding with this pressed steel jenny wheel.

Sack Barrow

Shuttle material around with this sturdy sack barrow.

Shifting Trolley

Move heavy objects with this sturdy shifting trolley.

Pallet Truck

Lift pallets of material effortlessly with a pallet truck.

Manhole Keys

Gain access and lift manhole covers with a set of manhole keys.

Upright Lift 110V

Make reaching heights easy and comfortable with the electric upright lift. With straight up and down motion, this machine is perfect for accessing high light fittings.

Genie Lifts

In three different extension heights, the genie lift can help lift heavy RSJ's and beams into place.

Plaster-board Lifter

Move plasterboard into position with little effort.

Bumpa Hoist

Shift tiles and material from ground level to roof height with ease.

Dragon Lifter

Capable of Lifting up to 1 Ton, the Dragon lifter can move pallets, ton bags, logs and more, saving hours on manual labour.