Heating and Drying

Our range of heating and drying equipment…



3KW Infra Red Heater

Emits infra red heat directly to its front. Great for drying or heating.

Super Ser Gas Heater

A tried an tested device, these heaters run off gas and can provide continued heat to a room.

BTU Gas Heaters

Using gas, this small blow heater can project heat into a larger area.

Heater Blower Electric 3KW

In Development​


Large Air Cooler

In Development​

Medium Air Cooler

In Development​

Small Air Cooler

In Development​

Domestic Dehumidifier

A smaller machine, the domestic dehumidifier can take moisture out of smaller rooms at a lower power cost.

Industrial Dehumidifier

A larger machine, the industrial dehumidifier can tackle larger areas and remove moisture.

Damp Moisture Meter

Designed to detect moisture levels in construction materials. Can be useful paired with a dehumidifier.

Circuit Breaker

In Development​