Generators & Pumps

Our range of Generators and Pumps…



1 KVA Generator

A small petrol generator, best for sensitive equipment and low power items.

2.2 KVA Generator

Widely used throughout the construction industry, this robust generator can be used in most applications.

3 KVA Generator

Ideal for construction and a wide array of applications, this generator is perfect for more demanding situations.

3 KVA Transformer

Suitable for converting 240V - 110V for power tools and equipment on site.

240V Extension Lead

Extend your electrical reach with this 25m extension roll.

110V Extension Lead

Extend a transformers reach with a 110V extension lead.

Splitter Box

Split a 110V power source to multiple leads.


Sub Pump 2" Electric

Empty ponds, flooded and water logged areas with our submersible water pump. With many different lengths of hoses, pumping water from unwanted areas is easy.

Hose Extension 2" X 15m

Extend the reach of pumps.

Fuel Transfer Pump 12V

Pump fuel and oils from one source to another quickly and easily.

Puddle Pump

Not needing to be fully submersed, the puddle pump can help tackle shallow bodies of water without a chamber being dug.