Decorating & Cleaning

Our range of decorating and cleaning equipment…



Wallpaper Steam Stripper

Remove wallpaper efficiently and easily.

Wallpaper Perforator

Prepare any wallpaper covering for removal.

Staple Gun

Heavy duty staple gun for strong and efficient attachment.

Rubi Diamond Tile Cutter

Perfect for general ceramic, enameled and stoneware tile cutting, a diamond cutter produces professional results.

Ceramic Tile Cutter

A manual solution, this scratch and snap cutter offers a controllable, tungsten tip for precise scratching.

Diamond Tile Cutter

A smaller saw, perfect for bathroom tiles and easy to transport.

Floor Sander & Edger Combo

Get the whole floor sanded with our combo deal. The 8" floor sander will make light work of large board areas and the edging sander easily tackles those difficult corners.

Edge Sander (240 & 110V)

Available in 240 and 110 volt variants, an edging sander can reach into areas the floor sander cant.

8" Floor Sander (240 & 110V)

Available in 240 and 110 volts, the floor sander makes light work of large areas of wood.

Tyrol Gun

Easily apply texture and render to internal and external walls.


Carpet Cleaner

Clean up dirty carpets and remove stubborn stains with this easy to use carpet cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaner 40ltr

A large, powerful vacuum for cleaning and dust clearance.

Vacuum Cleaner 11ltr

Perfect for smaller areas of wet or dry vacuuming in workshops or DIY environments.

Wet / Dry Dustless Vac

A powerful wet / dry vacuum, perfect as a dust extraction system for core drills, grinders and sanders.

Floor Polisher

Create a clear and smooth polish with removable pads on the rotary floor polisher.

240V Pressure Washer

Easily transported, this electric pressure washer is perfect for driveways and general maintenance.

Petrol Pressure Washer

More powerful than an electric pressure washer, the petrol washer only requires connection to a water source.

Chimney Sweep Set

Clear soot and debris from heavily used chimneys to prevent fires. With interlinking poles, this set can be adapted to tall or short chimneys.

Carpet Shears

Precision and durable ground cutting blades make light work of tough carpets.

Carpet Stretcher

An essential bit of kit for any carpet project, stretch carpet out and onto tack strips for well fitted results.

Drain Rod Set

Clear drains with the interlinking drain rod set, designed to be adjustable in length.