Petrol Stump Grinder

The Dosko stump grinder features a 13hp engine and an 8 teeth grinding wheel, capable of munching through the hardest stumps. It’s pivot design makes ‘sweeping’ a stump easy and stable. Also with a height adjustment handle, the Dosko stump grinder can be effectly deployed to rid any ground of solid stumps.

  • Grinding Height – 500mm above ground – 400mm below ground level
  • Disk Diameter –  355mm
  • Machine Width –  770mm
  • Weight – 135KG 
  • Fuel – Petrol 

Things to consider –

How it works? – These strump grinders work best used in a pivoted sweeping motion, taking layers off the stump one section at a time.

Always make sure the area around the grinder is clear of people before engaging the machine.
Protective equipment should be worn while using this machine. Please ask if you would like to be provided with some.

Teeth resharpening charge £5.00


All prices are exclusive of VAT

Charges for Delivery, Collection and Fuel apply



5 Days


Extra 24hrs




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