Breakers & Concrete

Our range of breakers and concrete machines…



Makita AVT Breaker

The heavy duty electric breaker. Best used for larger or thicker areas of reinforced concrete. 'Active Vibration Technology' makes for comfortable prolonged use.

Hilti 1000 AVR Breaker

The medium electric breaker. More manoeuverable than the Hilti 3000 and still packs a punch.

Hilti 700 AVR Breaker

The smallest electric breaker. Ideal for tight spaces or smaller jobs that the bigger breakers just cant reach.

Digger Breaker

Convenience and power, this breaker can make dismantling material effortless.

Dragon Concrete Crusher

A real money saver. Effortlessly crush hard material to reuse as a hardcore base or reduce the space needed in a skip.

Single Tool Compressor

Tow behind single tool air compressor. Compatable with a pneumatic breaker or air knife.


Twin Beam Screeder 5.2m / 6.2m

Available in two lengths, a twin beam is ideal for striking off and vibrating concrete between form work.

Concrete Bull Float

Manual float for smoothing concrete. Breaks down into pieces for easy transportation.

Concrete Power Float

A more powerful float for smoothing larger areas.

Electric Mixer

Standard tip up electric and petrol mixers. A standard sight on any site.

Wacker Compactor Plate

Standard petrol wacker plates, easy to use and perfect for any landscaping and maintenance projects.