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Garden & Landscaping

Rotovators & Cultivators

For turning over hard uncultivated areas the BARRETO 918 tiller has all the performance of larger tillers, but it’s designed specifically for smaller projects. That means narrower wheels and a tine width of just 18 inches, allowing the 918 to work effectively in smaller areas.

The tines are designed so that they work either conventionally or in counter rotating mode. Fingertip controls offer infinitely variable ground speeds both forward and reverse, for incredibly easy operation. By keeping wheels operating independently of tines, you can easily match wheel speed to soil conditions.

Dimensions: Length: 66"- Tine Width: 18"-Width: 23"- Wheel Width: 21"-Height: 28"

Weight: 209kg

For general garden use there are various size tillers and cultivators.

The large 16" wheels provide superior access and allow the CRT51 to tackle rough terrain. Counter-rotating tines are fitted for fine chopping of the soil and there are seven different working depth settings. Plus both forward and reverse gears are featured. Handlebar height is adjustable. Powered by a 5hp Briggs & Stratton Intek OHV Engine.

Lawn Care & Cutting

For lifting old lawns there is the petrol Turf Cutter.

A powerful, heavy duty turf cutter that removes turf quickly, cleanly and safely. The high tensile cutting knife allows the machine to lift a strip 30cm/12" wide and up to 35mm/1½" thick in one pass. Simple to use with a reliable Honda engine which powers the drive and cutter directly, elminating any potential belt slippage.

Rejuvenate a tired lawn with a scarifier.

The GMLS-5 is designed to make light work of even the thickest moss and thatch, so clearing large areas couldn’t be easier. The powerful robust 5.5hp Honda GX160 engine and adjustable cutting height make it a formidable tool for tackling tough gardening and landscape projects.

To improve drainage we have petrol driven Lawn Aerator and Hollow Tyne Corers, also manual spikers.

Grass Cutting

Hayter Condors are the only choice when it comes to pedestrian mowers.They handle the roughest grass even in the wet, give the finest finish, and are the most operator friendly.

Width of cut 76cm
Max height of cut 20mm
Min height of cut 55mm
Engine Power 11hp


For those really rough areas we stock a range of strimmers and brush cutters.

The wheeled strimmer will cope with most types of undergrowth.

While standard strimmers fitted with either nylon line or a metal blade will manage smaller areas.

Stump Grinding

13hp petrol stump grinder with 50cm cutting capacity above ground and 40cm below. It is 1.47m long 1.3m high and 0.81 wide.

Full operating and safety instructions both verbal and written will be given. Please follow these throughout the period of the hire. Also wear personal protection equipment (PPE) as directed.


Petrol and electric hedge trimmers are available for rental in conjunction with towers, stepladders or trestles and boards to reach those high hedges.(details of which you can find in the towers and access equipment section).

Petrol chipper it will cope with branches up to 85mm (3.5") thick.

This is a superb mini chipper that is far more capable than its size suggests. The GTS1300 is designed to work all day, every day.This chipper has a very strong self feed action produced by the positive blade feed incorporated in the feed funnel and blade design. The GTS1300 is capable of processing over 1/3 tonne per hour (depending on type of material) and can process material quicker than the operator can load it!

For those smaller jobs we have 240v shredders which will cope branches up to 25mm.


2 man petrol posthole borer with a choice of 4" 6" 8" or 10" augers. This machine is suitable for most types of ground and conditions, a root cutter is also available for hire.

We also stock single man machines for those smaller jobs.

For large jobs we have Diggers fitted with augers details can be found in the Diggers & Dumpers section.

Manual equipment includes a hand held auger, post hole digger and this two man post rammer which will drive up to 6" posts.

Log Splitter

The SP8E Log Splitter is a powerful 8 ton machine which can split logs up to 108cm in length. The horizontal set up of the SP8E offers a convenient and comfortable working height, which can be adjusted between two positions. The dimensions are 150 x 153 x115cm and the weight is 110kg.

Wire Strainer

Full operating and safety instructions both verbal and written will be given. Please follow these throughout the period of the hire. Also wear personal protection equipment (PPE) as directed.

Hire Rates

LAWN CARE         
TURFCUTTER £45.00 £22.50 £90.00 £67.50
FLYMO 33cm £18.00 £9.00 £36.00 £27.00
18" MOWER £24.00 £12.00 £48.00 £36.00
21" ROUGHCUT MOWER £35.00 £17.50 £70.00 £52.50
HAYTER CONDOR £60.00 £30.00 £120.00 £90.00
LAWN AERATOR HAND £6.00 £3.00 £12.00 £9.00
14" LAWN RAKE ELECTRIC £16.00 £8.00 £32.00 £24.00
LAWN SCARIFIER PUSH £11.00 £5.50 £22.00 £16.50
LAWN SCARIFIER ELECTRIC £25.00 £12.50 £50.00 £37.50
18" LAWN SCARIFIER PETROL £35.00 £17.50 £70.00 £52.50
LAWN SPIKER PETROL £40.00 £20.00 £80.00 £60.00
HOLLOW TYNE CORER PETROL £40.00 £20.00 £80.00 £60.00
SEED/FERTILISER SPREADER £6.00 £3.00 £12.00 £9.00
SPIKED ROLLER £17.50 £8.75 £35.00 £26.25
WATER FILLED ROLLER £8.50 £4.25 £17.00 £12.75
SWEEPER 40cm PUSH TYPE £11.00 £5.50 £22.00 £16.50
BACKPACK SPRAYER 20ltr £11.00 £5.50 £22.00 £16.50
HAND SPRAYER £11.00 £5.50 £22.00 £16.50
TURFING IRON £6.00 £3.00 £12.00 £9.00
MINI TRACTOR & TOPPER £130.00 £65.00 £350.00 £175.00
CHAIN HARROW £27.50 £13.75 £55.00 £41.25
PETROL STRIMMER £28.00 £14.00 £56.00 £42.00
PETROL BRUSH CUTTER £30.00 £15.00 £60.00 £45.00
ROTOVATOR HONDA / MERRY TILLER £40.00 £20.00 £80.00 £60.00
CULTIVATOR MEDIUMWEIGHT £45.00 £22.50 £90.00 £67.50
9hp HYDRAULIC TILLER PETROL £68.00 £34.00 £136.00 £102.00
ELECTRIC HEDGE CUTTERS £15.00 £7.50 £30.00 £22.50
PETROL HEDGE CUTTERS £30.00 £15.00 £60.00 £45.00
LONG REACH HEDGE CUTTERS £40.00 £20.00 £80.00 £60.00
LEAF BLOWER/VACUUM PETROL £25.00 £12.50 £50.00 £37.50
LOPPERS H/D £6.00 £3.00 £12.00 £9.00
TREE PRUNER PETROL £40.00 £20.00 £80.00 £60.00
TREE PRUNER £9.00 £4.50 £18.00 £13.50
POST HOLE BORERS £8.00 £4.00 £16.00 £12.00
POST RAMMERS £8.00 £4.00 £16.00 £12.00
GARDEN SHREDDER PETROL 6.5hp £50.00 £25.00 £100.00 £75.00
SHREDDER 240v £24.00 £12.00 £48.00 £36.00
13hp PETROL CHIPPER £75.00 £30.00 £180.00 £105.00
PETROL POST HOLE BORER 2MAN £45.00 £22.50 £90.00 £67.50
PETROL POST HOLE BORER 1MAN £36.00 £18.00 £72.00 £54.00
STUMP GRINDER £85.00 £67.00 £350.00 £152.00
CHAIN SAW 240volt £35.00 £16.50 £66.00 £49.50
LOG SPLITTER 240V 8 TON THRUST £45.00 £22.50 £90.00 £67.50



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